Due to its advantages in peak capacity and resoving power, GC×GC has become a powerful tool for complex sample separation and analysis in petrochemical, environmental, flavor and fragrance, food and pharmaceutical, metabolomics and more industries. J&X Technologies offers a variety of services that can help customers interested in GC×GC to get access to this technology in an affordable and simple way.

Maintenance and Technical Support

We provide our customers comprehensive and customized hardware maintenance and technical support.

For any certified software users, we offers free upgrade of software.

Instrument Lease

We provide instrument lease of our GCxGC products, including modulator and Canvas software to customers who want to upgrade a common GC or GC-MS system to GCxGC system in an easy  way. The lease is offered  on either a monthly or an annual basis.

Sample Analysis

We provide GCxGC sample analysis service of complex compound separation, target analysis, group analysis and quantification, unknown  identification, etc. Just ship us the sample, our experienced scientists will help get your results.

Analysis method: GCxGC; GCxGC-FID; GCxGC-TOF

Sample inlet: Liquid injection, HeadSpace, SPME

Data process: Optional